Supreme Reloaded


Install the Kodi Addon and Repo by watching the below video tutorial.

****Further down is a video tutorial on how to Login correctly on Kodi****

 You Must follow both sets of instructions before trying to open the Kodi Addon.

*** After logging in to Kodi or even changing details in settings, you must reboot in order for your account to be recognised. 

Not rebooting means it will not work for you.

Don't want to follow the video tutorial? then just follow these manual instruction. 

On the Main Screen of your Kodi device, below 'System' click on 'File Manager'. 

Click on where it says 'none', and when the keyboard appears on screen type:

Http:// and press done. 

Below where it says 'enter a name for this media source' type:


When all complete press ok to save the settings. 

If an error appears you should check your spelling or your internet connection. 

Next on your main screen click on 'system settings' and then 'Addons' and then 'Install from zip file'. 

Next click on .Reloaded and then click on Repository.StreamSupreme.Net and finally install our Repository

Next click on 'Install from repository' 

(or Get Addons) then 'streamsupreme reloaded repo' then 'video addons' and click on Supreme Reloaded and install it.

After you log in you MUST reboot before using the addon otherwise it will say your account details are wrong, even if they are correct.

This Video Shows How to Correctly Login To Our Kodi Addon.