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Before we start, the No1 issue that people Kodi Addon. Before trying any of the help topics first try logging in again to the Kodi Addon.

Instructions on how to do that are in the video closest to the bottom of the Kodi page of this website. If you still have an issue then keep reading.

There are a few main categories of problem people face when using our service.

  1. Can't login or Saying Expired
  2. Issues with playback. Channel not playing or choppy/stalling/buffering playback
  3. Issue with apps for phone, smart tv, laptop, android tv.

Kodi Addon Won't Open or Saying Expired:

If your Kodi Addon Won't open or gives an error and fails to load there are 2 things you should try.

Step 1) Verify if your account is active. Login and try play a channel on

If it plays on that link but you still have an issue on Kodi then move to step 2.

If it also fails on that link then contact us with your username, your password and a screenshot from Paypal of your last payment.

Step 2) If trying the web player in step 1 worked then this verifies that there is no issue our end and you can try fix this by re logging in to the Kodi Addon.

If you don't know how to login then watch the 2nd video on the Kodi page of our website. It's the one nearest the bottom and takes less than 30 seconds.

If it tells you your account details are wrong then this may be because you need to reboot your device before trying to use the service in order for your account details to be recognised. 

If you think you have forgotten your password you can change it. 

To change password, visit the signup/login page of our website and use the forgotten password facility to change it.

If it tells you that your account has expired and you believe it should be active. Then take a photo in PayPal of your last payment and send it to us on either twitter @Str3amSupreme or email

  1. Issues with playback. Channel not playing :

If you have working channels but 1 or 2 don't open at all then they may be down so check later or drop us a message and we can check.

Buffering, Freezing, Lagging

Call it what you want, nobody likes poor playback. 

If you get buffering or other poor playback issues on Kodi, the first thing to do is Reset your internet router. 

Unplug your internet for 1 minute and plug back in. Wait 2 minutes then reboot your device.

When the device is back on try again. If you still have buffering do a speedtest on your kodi device. 

For Smooth playback you need a speedtes result as follows: SD needs 3-5mb, Hd needs 8-12mb, 4K needs 16mb+.

If your speedtest is ok but still you have buffering you can try use a different Stream Supreme Server.

To do this go to the Tools section of the Kodi addon and in the Addon Settings tab click on Select Server to choose a different server. 

Each server will perform differently for different people based on location etc so try a few to see which is best for you.

If after trying all servers the issue still exists then once again click in to the Tools section of the Kodi Addon use our speedtester to do a speedtest on your Kodi device. Take a photo of this speedtest result to send to us should you still require assistance. 

Tv Guide Issues

You can reset the tv guide in kodi. Open the programs section of Kodi, press menu on your remote while highlighting the addon called TV GUIDE and select Settings. on the reset tab you can do an EPG reset and if that doesn't work do a major reset.

  1. Issues with Apps:

We don't own any of the Apps that the service works on so we offer no support.

We do however explain how to use some apps on the Apps page of our website. 

There is no further support we can offer for Apps.